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ID – GUN RIGHTS – Gun Activists Note Idaho Law Allowing Guns on Public Land

GUN rights activists say they are focusing on Idaho’s county fairs to ensure state law that allows adults to carry weapons on public land is followed. Concerns about security at fairs and festivals have been heightened in the wake of three recent mass shootings in California, Texas and Ohio. Idaho law says no city or county can stop people from carrying guns on public property. Idaho Second Amendment Alliance President Greg Pruett pointed that out to Canyon County Fair officials last month, when they tried to bar him from carrying a gun into the fairgrounds. “Do you know what the state law is? Then you’re violating it,” he said in a recording of the discussion. Pruett was eventually allowed into the fair with his gun on his hip. When a Twin Falls County sheriff’s deputy recently asked people to leave their guns at home for that county’s fair, Republican Rep. Chad Christensen from Ammon criticized the deputy on Facebook. “There is a movement to stop citizens from carrying at county fairs,” Christensen wrote on his Facebook page. “Please let me know if you see something like this in our district. It is a violation of the law to stop you!” The sheriff’s office later released a statement clarifying its support for the Second Amendment.  [full article]

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