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ID – HUNTING – Idaho Fish and Game may lift cougar hunt limits. Some hunters call it ‘war’ on cats (VIDEO)

Several of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s latest big game season proposals have prompted concern from hunters who say the agency has declared war on mountain lions, or cougars, and threatened their populations by expanding hunting opportunities. The Fish and Game Commission is weighing dozens of changes to big game hunting rules across the state, affecting everything from deer and elk hunts to wolf and bear hunts. A handful of alterations to mountain lion hunting rules caught the attention of houndsmen, hunters who use hound dogs to track and tree game animals.

In several hunting units across the state, Fish and Game proposed lifting quotas on female mountain lions. Currently several hunting units have a cap on how many female lions can be killed in a single season. When that quota is met, hunters can take only male lions for the remainder of the season.  [full article]

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