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ID – SELF-PROTECTION – ‘Fight for our children’

Ashley Browning said she has a message and she wants to leave no doubt about what it is: “We’re moms, we have kids. We’re not to be messed with when it comes to our children.”

The Athol woman recently held a photo shoot at her home of women and kids holding guns and wearing T-shirts with blunt messages. The idea isn’t to upset people, she said, though some will be. Rather, Browning sees it as stating the reality that some women are armed and willing to do what is required to defend their children, who face more threats than people might be aware, even in areas like North Idaho. Women, Browning said, often stay home with children, are with them more than men, and are the ones who must be ready to handle those who would do them harm. She hopes to raise awareness that “our children will not be a part of the percentage” when it comes to the number kids who fall victim to sexual abuse and sex trafficking. “While we are women and may be seen as weaker and more easily targeted, that it is exactly the opposite,” she wrote. “We are willing to fight for our children and our community if the need arises.”  [full article]


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