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ID – SELF-PROTECTION – Idaho’s Castle Doctrine allows defense of people and property (VIDEOS)

Idaho law has long protected not only the right to bear arms but the right to use them in defense of life and property. Under Idaho’s Castle Doctrine, updated and strengthened in 2018, you have the right not only to defend your house with lethal force, but also your yard, your place of business, and even your car. (Click here to read Senate Bill 1313 from 2018.) David Leroy, a former Idaho attorney general, added that unlike other states, Idaho has no requirement to first retreat. You can stand your ground. Nor do you have to first figure out the intent of an intruder. He said, “The bad intent of the intruder is presumed and therefore the right of defense, even up to justifiable homicide is presumed to the homeowner, the business owner or the occupant of the car.” Leroy also explained that your right to defend yourself extends beyond your property, but your reasons had better be good. Better than good. “Your rights are much weaker, and your conduct will be much more closely examined than it is inside (your home) where you are presumed to have the absolute right up to lethal force to defend your castle.” But when it comes to teaching gun owners, instructors we talked to take a more conservative approach. At Independence Indoor Shooting in Meridian, it’s academy teaches that guns should be used in the defense of people, not property. Scott Satrriff, an instructor at the academy, said, “We try to teach that we protect family and friends and innocent bystanders.” At Forward Movement Training, they also teach life over property.  [full article]

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