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IL – CAMPUS GUNS – Urbana School Board Allows School Resource Officers To Openly Carry Guns

During their Tuesday evening meeting, the Urbana School District 116 Board of Education reaffirmed its decision to hire two full-time school resource officers (SRO), including one each for Urbana Middle and High Schools. Police Chief Bryant Seraphin said he strongly believed SROs needed to fully display their weapons while inside school buildings. “The full duty belt with all the accoutrement does allow the officer access to all of their tools, and that’s kind of the practical side, they have everything that they need,” he said. Seraphin added that he hoped any student who may be afraid of the weapon would get to know the SRO, and come to see them as approachable human beings. Patten said she feared the gun would interfere in the officers’ ability to build those relationships, and send the wrong message to the school community. “I have a hard time accepting the insistence that it needs to be openly displayed,” she said.  [full article]

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