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IL – GUN CONTROL – Delays Continue for FOID Card Applicants

Illinois topped the list of all states for firearm background checks so far this year, and is already on pace to blow last year’s numbers out of the water. And reports persist of people waiting beyond the three-day waiting period to pick up the guns they’ve purchased. There are also more than 143,000 Firearm Owner Identification, or FOID card, applicants still waiting for their cards to be processed by Illinois State Police. A state Representative says this is tantamount to civil rights being infringed. Monthly records from the FBI’s NICS Firearm Background Checks report show in the first seven months of the year, there have been nearly 4.6 million checks. That dwarfs every other state, with only Kentucky coming close with 2.2 million checks from January through July. Illinois’ total is nearly equal to all of the 4.9 million checks in 2019, leading the nation. It’s unclear how the pandemic that led to government shutdowns of the economy in March may have added to the demand in Illinois as there have been at least 610,000 checks a month since January, with July topping 714,000. The highest number of checks per month in 2019 for Illinois was 548,000 in December. The lowest number was 190,000 in February of that year. Illinois State Police say as of Thursday, they have more than 5,300 pending firearm transfer inquiry program requests. State Rep. Brad Halbrook, R-Shelbyville, said aside from calls about problems with unemployment, his office is flooded with frustrated calls from constituents upset they’re Second Amendment rights are being infringed upon. And it’s not just gun owners. “I got an email from a gun shop owner just a few days ago, there was eight or 10 transactions on there that were 10 days-plus old,” Halbrook said. “That doesn’t really help in times like this. They think that they are intentionally being throttled back on those kinds of things.”  [full article]

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