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IL – GUN POLITICS – Proposed federal gun reform legislation gets strong reaction in Central Illinois (VIDEO)

Proposed federal gun reform legislation is being met with pushback from gun rights advocates, including gun shop owners in Central Illinois. The proposal, introduced by a Texas democrat, makes major changes to the types of guns Americans can own, and the process for being able to purchase them. “It is so far over the top, I can’t even see it having a prayer of passing,” Dan Cooley, owner of the Bullet Trap in Macon said. Cooley calls the proposals an infringement on the second amendment. Among of few of the proposed changes is the licensing of all firearms and ammunition, along with mandated liability insurance for gun owners. If passed, the legislation would also require the licensing of all military style weapons, new firearm training before a purchase can be mad and a psychological evaluation for every person buying a gun. “They just keep piling on more laws and more restrictions,” Cooley said. “Who does that effect? Law abiding citizens. The criminals could give two you know what how it effects them because they are not going to abide by them.” Also, under the proposal, gun owners would no longer be able to sell or give a firearm or ammo to another person without notifying the Attorney General and large capacity ammunition feeding devices would also be illegal. Even though the proposal has not made any traction in Congress with Democrats controlling all chambers, and the presidency, Cooley believes anything is possible. “There is nothing to stop it if they decide to roll with it,” Cooley said.  [full article]

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