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IL – HUNTING – Women making up a larger portion of the hunting populace

If you watch any of the outdoor TV channels showing the hunting of whitetail deer, elk, moose, wild boar, and many other species, you already know the impact women are having on the hunting industry. That impact has been tremendous and positive, both economically and for the family unit. I easily remember, during my early fishing career, a female would show up to participate in one of the larger tournaments with mixed receptions. Most of the guys didn’t mind fishing with a female for an eight-hour tournament, but some of them were very afraid of the results if their wives found out. I remember one event where a guy drew a woman for a partner and immediately stood and indicated to the official that he could not fish with her. The official said it was either that or lose his entry. The angler said, “That’s cheaper than a divorce,” and withdrew from the event. Thank heavens those days are gone forever and women now make up a large portion of the population of many outdoor events. I found that when I was teaching fishing classes at the community college, the women were the best students and learned better and faster than their male counterparts. They would listen, ask questions if they didn’t understand, and had an “easier touch and feel” with finesse fishing. The guys would be hesitant to ask questions or think they already knew it all. The hunting industry has evolved dramatically in the last few years to include products for women, especially in the archery world. Compound bows made a big difference in the ease of pulling and holding the bow string on a bow capable of hunting use. The advent and approval of crossbows made an even larger influx of hunters in the fields — they allowed hunters of all strength levels to participate. Similar to the archery industry, the firearm manufacturers are also adapting. Those old rifles simply weren’t made to fit smaller people. Stocks were refashioned and adjustable stock lengths and combs became commonplace. The barrels were fluted, reducing weights, and calibers were rethought for many models. Where permitted, suppressors and muzzle breaks added to the recoil comfort. We now see some of the female participants using handguns very efficiently, although this seems to be a smaller portion.  [full article]

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