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IL – RETAILERS – Gun stores place limits on ammo, extend business hours as demand spikes on coronavirus concerns

A day after the World Health Organization declared the new coronavirus a pandemic, customers flocked to Maxon Shooter’s Supplies and Indoor Range in Des Plaines. Owner Dan Eldridge said they came in search of shells, guns, and other items, and one week into the pandemic, business remains brisk. Shoppers have depleted grocery stores of hand sanitizer, toilet paper, canned food and other items as health officials urge the public to hunker down and avoid large gatherings. But shelf-stable foods aren’t the only thing consumers have been on the hunt for: They have also swept rounds of ammo off the shelves at gun stores. Many businesses have shut down or limited operations in response to the fast-spreading COVID-19, but gun stores have remained open, and customers have been stocking up on rounds. “We are trying to keep up with customers,” Eldridge said. “There were no limits for ammunition. Most common calibers are gone, but we are being resupplied.” On Monday, the gun retailer capped the amount of ammunition customers can purchase to no more than 300 rounds on all calibers. “It’s so we don’t run out. We want to have some for range users,” Eldridge said. In addition to gun sales, Maxon has a shooting range, which was busy over the weekend as well, Eldridge said.  [full article]

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