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IL – RETAILERS – More than 1,200 Illinois gun dealers have yet to apply for state license ahead of new law

More than half of Illinois’ 2,351 federally licensed gun dealers haven’t yet applied for state licenses required by the state’s Firearm Dealer License Certification Act, which takes effect Wednesday. Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed the state’s Firearm Dealer License Certification Act on Jan. 18 after taking office. Lawmakers held the measure over from the previous General Assembly after former Gov. Bruce Rauner vowed to veto it. Rauner had previously vetoed a similar bill. He said it would lead to small businesses closing and make it harder for people in rural and urban areas to legally buy firearms. The law Pritzker signed added regulations for gun stores that business owners have said are too burdensome. The law requires gun stores, including pawnshops that want to sell firearms, to have a state license on top of a federal license. It’s set to take effect Wednesday.  [full article]

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