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IL – SELF-PROTECTION – Armed man tries to rob Chicago cell phone store — gun owner with concealed carry ends him

An armed man reportedly attempted to rob a Metro by T-Mobile cell phone store in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood around 7 p.m. on Saturday. During the intense robbery, a 29-year-old gun owner with a concealed carry permit allegedly opened fire on the thief. The would-be robber was struck with at least two gunshots in the chest and abdomen, according to a news report by WFLD-TV. The suspect was transported to the local Stroger Hospital in critical condition, but was later pronounced dead. It was not immediately known if the legal gun owner was the business owner, an employee, or a concerned customer. The shooter did possess a valid Concealed Carry License and Firearm Owner’s Identification Card. Police confiscated both firearms from the parties involved in the attempted robbery, according to the news report. The incident remains under investigation by detectives. This is just the latest example of a bad guy with a gun receiving their comeuppance from a good guy with a gun. Last week, an 80-year-old Florida man…  [full article]

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