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IL – SHOOTING SPORTS – Illinois passes bipartisan law to allow hunting education classes in school curriculum

Wedged in among the basics of science, math and English, a new bipartisan measure in Illinois now gives school districts the option to build hunting safety education into the daily curriculum. The legislation, signed Friday by Gov. J.B. Pritzker, a Democrat, and put into immediate effect, aims to bolster hunter and gun safety for students. The House and Senate in Illinois are under Democrats’ control, and the bill was initially introduced in February by downstate Democratic state Rep. Monica Bristow. “Hunting in Illinois is still very popular, and students can learn about hunting as a sport. Hunters have respect for guns,” she told Fox News, underscoring that the legislation stirred no opposition. “If people have to do the education course to obtain a hunting license anyway, why not be able to do this in school?” Bristow said there is no minimum age for obtaining the license. She said neither guns nor ammo will be allowed in classrooms, but students will have the option to visit shooting ranges on their own time.  [full article]

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