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IN – GUN POLITICS – Indiana House votes to eliminate license to carry handguns. Why police oppose the bill

Despite opposition from State Police, the Indiana House on Monday voted to eliminate the license to carry a handgun in Indiana. House Bill 1369 passed the House by a 65-31 vote and now heads to the Senate, where it’s already picked up key endorsements. Under the legislation, sometimes called “constitutional carry,” certain offenders still could be prohibited from carrying handguns. The bill would eliminate the license in March 2022. The licenses raise $5.3 million per year to train law enforcement officers, a tab that taxpayers would at least partially have to pick up. Opponents worry the bill would make police officers and the general public less safe, but advocates say law abiding citizens should not have to pay for a right guaranteed to them by the Constitution. “This bill is for the lawful citizen in the state of Indiana,” said bill author Rep. Ben Smaltz, R-Auburn. “This bill is for the person who obeys our laws who right now has to jump over the hurdles to be the person that gets the permit.  [full article]

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