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IN – GUN RIGHTS – Constitutional carry bills expected in Indiana

Since 2015, gun-rights supporters in Indiana have been trying to pass a “constitutional carry” bill to allow everyone who can legally own a gun to carry it on them when they leave the house without having to have a license. But legislators who’ve sponsored constitutional carry bills have been stopped, unable to get a hearing or any serious consideration. “It’s just a long history of neglect in Indiana to deal with this issue,” says Brenden Boudreau, executive director of the group Hoosier Gun Rights. Last January, Rep. Curt Nisly, who represents a conservative district in northeast Indiana, had sponsored a bill. It went nowhere – referred to committee and then ignored. The problem, says Nisly, was House Speaker Brian Bosma, who made it clear he wasn’t interested in passing constitutional carry in Indiana, a state where Republicans have supermajorities in both the House and Senate. Bosma, he said, used his position as speaker to push his own agenda. “You could trace his agenda pretty much to his donors, and donors to the HRCC,” he said this week, referring to the House Republican Campaign Committee, which raises money to help re-elect Republican state representatives. He pointed to contributions from Michael Bloomberg’s gun-control organization, Everytown for Gun Safety, as the problem. In 2016, the Everytown for Gun Safety PAC gave $500 to Bosma and $500 to the Republican majority leader, Rep. Matt Lehman, and $2,000 each to the HRCC and the Senate Majority Campaign Committee. But Bosma’s gone, a new House speaker is just stepping in – Rep. Todd Huston – and there are at least two constitutional carry bills that will be introduced in the coming weeks. A newly elected representative, John Jacob, says he’ll introduce a bill similar to Nisly’s before the end of the month.  [full article]

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