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IN – GUN SAFETY – Amid stay-at-home order, police want kids and adults to see gun safety message

Police are sharing a gun safety message as families are spending a lot of time at home lately. The message is a video that officers are using to reach gun owners and curious children. You can see the video on YouTube, and if you’re a gun owner with children during the stay-at-home order, it’s worth watching. Police want every child to see the cartoon so that they’ll know what to do if dared to touch a gun. Indianapolis police union president Rick Snyder introduces the cartoon in the video. “We just wanted to put out that opportunity, to put out that reminder to all neighbors because our ultimate goal is to avoid any accidental tragedies,” Snyder said. Snyder believes the timing of introducing kids to Eddie Eagle while they’re staying at home could prevent accidental shootings, knowing kids are just naturally curious. “They are left unattended somewhere and then it’s the child that finds that, curiosity takes over and then the tragic outcome, of course, happens.” Eddie Eagle and his cartoon friends help teach kids what to do if they find a gun — a lesson police say some adults need too.  [full article]

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