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INT’L – GUN CONTROL – Assault Rifle Ban All About Safety Says Liberal, Conservative MP Says It Will Target Wrong People

The federal Liberal government’s move to ban military-type assault rifles isn’t getting any support from the opposition Conservatives. The Trudeau government outlawed a wide range of rifles this month, saying the guns were designed for the battlefield, not hunting or sport shooting. Portage-Lisgar Conservative MP Candice Bergen says the gun ban is useless since Canada has banned military-style assault rifles since the early 1970s. She says the ban is a waste of money and is going to target the wrong people. “The Liberals are not banning anything new. Again, we see the Liberals going after the easy targets, Canadians who follow the law and have a license to own a firearm. They are banning guns used for legal purposes…it will do nothing to stop crime because criminals don’t care about a ban. Secondly, this is going to cost Canadians billions of dollars. We saw how much the long gun registry cost Canadians and it did absolutely nothing to reduce crime.” Bergen adds the Trudeau government should instead focus its efforts and resources on keeping guns from being smuggled into Canada from the U.S. that are then being used in very violent crimes in this country. She says it infuriating to see Liberal governments continue to go after Canadian gun owners. “Conservatives are going to fight against this. We have always stood up for law-abiding gun owners and we really want to see criminals prosecuted and not let loose. We’re going to keep fighting against this ban because my phone is ringing off the hook. “ Portage-Lisgar Liberal Riding Association spokesperson Ken Werbiski sees things differently. Werbiski is a licensed gun owner and feels strongly that Canadians don’t need access to high-capacity firearms, which is what the new gun ban goes after. “I understand that people are upset. They’ve had access to these types of firearms and they are fun to shoot, but as a hunter and a gun owner myself, this is not going to affect me at all.”  [full article]

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