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INT’L – GUN CONTROL – Failure to include national ban on handgun ownership a disappointment to Danforth Shooting victims’ group

New measures being proposed by the federal government to Canada’s Firearms Act and the Criminal Code are a disappointment, says a spokesperson for a number of victims of the Danforth Shooting. The proposed measures intend to “combat gun violence and keep Canadians and communities safe,” the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Feb. 16. The measures will include fighting gun smuggling and trafficking, completing the prohibition of assault-style weapons, and allowing municipalities to ban handguns. Ken Price said the proposed changes regarding handguns are “of greatest interest and disappointment” to the Danforth Shooting victims group. “The proposal that each municipality can determine its own rules has been roundly criticized, as it was when first proposed” in 2019, he said.

Price’s daughter Samantha was wounded in the Danforth Shooting of July 22, 2018 which took the lives of Beach resident and Malvern Collegiate grad Reese Fallon, 18, and Julianna Kozis, 10, of Markham. Eleven other people were wounded in the shooting which took place in the Danforth and Logan avenues area after a man with a handgun started firing at people. Samantha Price, her parents Ken and Claire Smith, and Skye McLeod, and her parents Patrick and Jane McLeod, have launched a lawsuit again American gun maker Smith & Wesson over the weapon used in the Danforth Shooting. Skye was also wounded in the shooting.  [full article]

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