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INT’L – GUN CONTROL – Firearm lobby group draws hunters, wildlife clubs into fight against federal rifle ban

A gun advocacy body that has emerged as the dominant voice among Canadian firearm activists since it set up shop only six years ago has recruited more than 50 hunting, fishing and wildlife groups to join sport shooters in opposition to the Liberal ban of thousands of semi-automatic rifles and other weapons in Canada. The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR), supported by three other major shooting sports and firearm industry associations, has posted a statement calling on the Trudeau government to repeal its May 1 cabinet order prohibiting more than 1,050 types of semi-automatic rifles. The cabinet regulations also prohibited civilian ownership of 455 types of other firearms and weapons, from grenade launchers and mortars to heavy-calibre single-shot rifles that have a muzzle energy more than 10,000 joules when fired. The .50-calibre rifles, some used for long range target shooting, trophy hunting in Africa and combat sniping, had been classified as non-restricted before May 1. “These weapons are primarily designed to produce mass human casualties or cause significant property damage at long ranges, and the potential power of these weapons exceeds safe or legitimate civilian use,” says an impact analysis for the regulations.  [full article]

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