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INT’L – GUN CONTROL – Gun Control In Brussels Run Amok

As the gun control debate continues to rage across these United States, many lessons can be learned from those who have already had their firearms taken away. As we head on down the road toward disarming law-abiding citizens, it seems right and proper to examine the many teachable moments Europeans can offer us. Why not begin with the center of the European Union, Brussels? Brussels-Prevention & Security (BPS), a public security body created in 2015 and charged with developing a centralized regional security policy, recently conducted a study and, lo and behold, you wouldn’t believe what they found. More than 40% of the residents in Brussels say they tote at least one object for self-defense. Why carry a .22 or a .38 when you can arm yourself with such effective weapons as umbrellas, keys, extendable batons, knives, air guns, even – wait for it – jewelry? As well, one in three citizens of Brussels signed up for a course in self-defense. A real “karate man bleeds on the inside” moment to behold. That line from Eddie Murphy in the classic movie Trading Places would be funny if it weren’t something these folks cling to for their personal safety. What is the only thing that equalizes a 120-pound woman and a potential attacker? Why a gun, of course. But if the government won’t allow you to defend yourself with the finest of self-defense weapons, undoubtedly you will have to take other measures. Thus, some residents in the heart of the E.U. have decided on a self-imposed curfew. The BPS survey showed that 15% of commuters and residents avoid the streets of the Belgian capital after dark. Want to take in a movie at night in Brussels? Then you’d better arm yourself to the teeth with an — Umbrella?  [full article]

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