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INT’L – GUN CONTROL – Lawsuits pile up in legal battle against Liberal government’s “unconstitutional” firearms ban

Legal challenges against the Liberal government’s firearms ban are beginning to pile up, with five separate lawsuits now challenging the constitutionality of a sweeping prohibition that infuriated gun owners and retailers. The five challenges, filed in federal court, claim that the government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau contravened the Firearms Act when it immediately outlawed more than 1,500 firearms through regulatory decree rather than a legislative process. The Liberal government enforced the ban on May 1 through an order in council. Lawyers representing the applicants say the five lawsuits could potentially be consolidated into a single constitutional challenge, which would amount to one of the largest legal cases involving firearms in recent memory, involving lobby groups, gun sellers and individual owners. Provincial leaders, including Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, are also considering joining the legal battle against Ottawa. A notice of application for one of the challenges, a lawsuit on behalf of nine individuals, argues that governments cannot use an order in council to outlaw firearms that are used for sporting or hunting purposes, which would include the vast majority of firearms listed in the May 1 directive.  [full article]

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