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INT’L – GUN CONTROL – The federal Liberals’ new gun-control law completely misses the mark.

While Canada needs to do more to keep dangerous firearms out of dangerous hands, Bill C-21 as it now stands won’t achieve this goal. Why, then, has the government brought forward what critics are rightly calling an “empty shell” of a law? Since 2013, violent crimes involving firearms have been on a steep, steady rise in much of this country. The citizens of many of our large and even mid-sized cities are regularly witnessing the carnage caused by criminals firing handguns. Far too many weapons still flow across the border from the United States for illegal sale here. When it comes to confronting these frightening trends, the mass shooting that claimed 22 lives in Nova Scotia last spring proved a turning point. Even though the lone shooter used illegally obtained weapons in his rampage, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals responded in May by banning more than 1,500 military-style assault weapons and their variants.  [full article]

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