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INT’L – GUN CONTROL – Trudeau sticking to his guns: IBM awarded contract to design gun grab buyback program

Under a new federal government program being designed by IBM, Canadian taxpayers will be buying back privately owned firearms now prohibited as a result of the Liberal gun grab.

The contract – to support the development, design and implementation of a prohibited firearms buyback program – is worth approximately $1.2 million. More than1,500 various “assault-style firearms” now prohibited in Canada. While gun-control groups supported the grab sport shooters, firearm rights advocates and some Conservative MPs did not. Public Safety Canada invited 15 consulting firms, including IBM Canada, to come up with a “range of options and approaches” for the planned program to compensate gun owners, reported the Canadian Press. “Under the first phase of the contract, to be completed by Feb. 8, IBM will consult with other federal agencies, possibly other levels of government and industry experts to devise options that include: — a compensation plan for each affected firearm; — analysis of benefits and risks associated with each compensation model; and — identification of “other considerations” that might affect the feasibility of each approach. A second phase of the project will entail any necessary review and revision of the program design, as well as implementation of the selected options,” said CP. “The program will focus on ensuring it offers fair compensation to affected owners and businesses while at the same time making sure program implementation and management costs are well-priced and sustainable,” said Tim Warmington, a Public Safety Canada spokesman. “Further information on the design of the buyback program and any potential compensation for affected firearms will be provided once it is available.”  [full article]

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