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INT’L – GUN CRIME – Mexican Cartels Get European Guns  (VIDEO)

As United States President Donald Trump considers officially labeling Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations, new facts are being exposed about the shocking ways drug smugglers get their weapons. Three months ago, a battle occurred in Culiacán, Mexico, between the Sinaloa cartel and militarized police. The cartel clobbered law enforcement using machine guns and armored vehicles, including a truck with a turret. Eight hours into the battle, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ordered his troops to surrender. After the battle, munitions intelligence from Armament Research Services revealed that the weapons used by cartel gunmen at the battle in Culiacán included Austrian Glocks, Belgian machine guns, Italian handguns and Romanian AK rifles. Since Mexico has some of the most restrictive gun ownership policies in the world, cartels often purchase their weapons in other nations and then smuggle them into Mexico. Since the cartels have well-established smuggling routes into the United States, it is common for them to recruit “straw purchasers” to legally buy U.S. guns to hand over to smugglers for transport into Mexico. Many American officials pushing for stricter gun control in the U.S. say that nearly all of Mexico’s gun violence is perpetrated with illegal firearms from north of the Rio Grande. The discovery of European weapons in Culiacán proves them wrong.  [full article]

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