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INT’L – GUN RIGHTS – Gun Owners Outraged as New Zealand Government Refuses to Pay Full Price for Banned Firearms

Gun owners in New Zealand are outraged that the government is doing a forced buyback of “military style” semiautomatic rifles but refusing to pay full price for the firearms. The New Zealand Herald quoted Council of Licensed Firearms Owners spokesperson Nicole McKee, who said, “Some of the offered prices for higher-end firearms are well out of kilter. We’re talking thousands of dollars.” She added, “It may get down to a point where we have to look at court action on behalf of our members, and that is something we will be looking at under advice from our lawyers.”

On March 20–five days after the attacks in Christchurch–New Zealanders were told a forced buyback of “military style” semiautomatic rifles was in the works. On April 1, the actual language of ban became public and revealed that pump shotguns accepting detachable magazines were also banned, as were pump shotguns with tubular magazines holding more than five rounds. Moreover, any magazines holding more than ten rounds were banned and certain gun parts became prohibited as well.  [full article]

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