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INT’L – GUN RIGHTS – Israeli ‘Queen of Guns’ Orin Julie fights for women’s gun rights

A 26-year-old Israeli dubbed “The Queen of Guns” is urging women to pack heat for their safety — as she opened up about her harrowing experience of being raped twice as a child, according to a report. Orin Julie, who served in the Israel Defense Forces, runs an online gun accessories store as she promotes female empowerment and gun rights for women in the Jewish state, which has very strict rules on weapons permits, Jam Press reports. “I’ve been a rape victim twice in my life, the first time was at the age of 8. I was sexually abused by an older man,” Julie told the outlet. “It affected me so much that I lost all my confidence and became scared of everything,” she said. “I turned into a really quiet child with few friends and I was always suspicious of adults — I had no trust in them.”

Julie was raped again when she was 15 — reportedly at the hands of an 18-year-old boyfriend. “After that happened, I did everything I could to avoid him,” she said. “I became depressed and stayed at home, I struggled with school. It affected every part of my life.” It took several years for Julie, who didn’t report the crime to police, to open up to her family and friends about her ordeal, although she noted that some of them didn’t support her. During her mandatory service in the IDF, where she served in the search-and-rescue unit, Julie learned how to shoot an assault rifle, as well as how to protect herself through the Israeli military self-defense art of Krav Maga.  [full article]

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