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INT’L – GUN SAFETY – Stay away from Nuevo Laredo, officials warn after deadly gun battles (VIDEO)

U.S. officials are urging Americans to stay away from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, after deadly gun battles were reported on the streets of the city. “Please do not cross to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas right now. We have information that there have been intensive shootings between cartel members and Tamaulipas State Police. These shootings have been going on for hours now,” Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar wrote on his Facebook page Wednesday night. Shortly after, the U.S. Consulate in Nuevo Laredo tweeted a security alert, also saying it had received reports of multiple gunfights throughout the city. The consulate advised all U.S. government personnel to take shelter, notify friends and family members whether or not they were safe and monitor local news media for updates. Cuellar said gun battles were reported on Wednesday around the Villarreal Hotel and in busy Nuevo Laredo streets including Paseo Colon and Lopez de Lara Avenue. “Please avoid these areas and do not cross over to Nuevo Laredo. It’s been said that high-caliber machine guns and explosives are being utilized. They are highjacking vehicles and disturbing the peace,” Cuellar wrote.   [full article]

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