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INT’L – HUNTING – A Canadian couple went viral for killing a lion in South Africa, but trophy hunting is a bigger business back home

‘Sick couple.’ ‘A shocking photograph.’ ‘Disgusting.’ Animal lovers around the world descended upon Darren and Carolyn Carter of Edmonton this week after a U.K. tabloid shared a photo of the couple kissing over a lion they killed on safari in South Africa. The online reaction came fast and furious, with outrage and even threats of doxxing as the couple disappeared from social media amid the growing storm. It was a familiar incident to those who remember the anger over the 2015 death of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, which prompted similar international vitriol. Cecil was being tracked by University of Oxford researchers as part of a long-term study when Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer killed him. Both photos stirred outrage among Canadians. But activists say that trophy hunting is something even more common here in Canada, where hunters regular seek out big game in the form of bears, elk and deer. In fact, Canada exports more animal trophies than South Africa. For years, animal rights activists have been working to restrict trophy hunting here. Hunters, meanwhile, say they do more than just hunt for trophies. A 2016 report by Humane Society International found that between 2005 and 2014, 43 per cent of animals imported as trophies to the U.S. were from Canada, compared to 32 per cent from South Africa. Six per cent were from Namibia, the third highest.  [full article]

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