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INT’L – HUNTING – Twins who love hunting animals say it’s brought them closer together

A pair of Danish twins who come from a family of hunters became interested in hunting in their early teens. Veterinary nurse Rikke Jacobsen, 26, was fascinated with animal anatomy and enjoys seeing what organs her bullets go through. Along with her twin sister Trine, a physiotherapist, she started hunting in her teens, learning the skill from their father. The pair say their controversial pastime has bought them together. Though they receive a mixture of comments online, some pretty negative, the twins say they ‘don’t care’. They’ve gone out into the wilderness with their father and hunted various animals including foxes, boar, deer and pheasants. Rikke says that her knowledge of an animal’s anatomy from working as a vet nurse has grown her passion for hunting. The pair believe that being self-sufficient in cooking meat that they have hunted themselves is a ‘gratifying’ experience. They believe that they’re doing the world a favour. They also have a hunting dog that helps them carry their game. ‘For me hunting is a lifestyle,’ says Rikke. ‘I live and breathe for nature, and to live and to provide myself through hunting and what nature can provide us with. It brings us closer to our ancestors.  [full article]

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