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INT’L – INDUSTRY INSIDER – An International Arms Dealer’s Advice For Minimizing Risk

We may be in a new year, but uncertainty and change remain at an all-time high. How can companies minimize risk? How can teams minimize risk to their operational plans? One of the riskiest business sectors is international arms dealing. It’s not just the product itself. Due to the ever-shifting global and local politics, laws, and markets, as well as shifts in market demand, arms dealing has an inherent necessity to adapt and survive at unprecedented levels. That’s why I decided to reconnect with Roy Dave Chesson, who I interviewed for a previous article. Chesson is a former international arms dealer for the US Government who now operates in the private weapons market and is the co-founder of a weapons education organization.

“In this industry, you just can’t sit back and rely on the competitive advantage of your product or the strength of where it comes from,” he says. “Those that survive, do so because they planned effectively for different contingencies.” Chesson highlights three key areas of risk mitigation that could apply to any organization.  [full article]

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