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INT’L – INDUSTRY INSIDER – The transnational investigation behind Argentina’s largest seizure of weapons

After months of joint investigations with the United States, Argentina last week made the largest weapons seizure in the country’s history. Details of the bust and transnational investigation are coming to light sparked by a couple of packages that caught the attention of customs officers in Miami last October. More than 2,500 firearms were recovered including mines, anti tank rockets and grenades, which apparently were heading for gangs in Brazil. Officials said some of the arms came from Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. They said they had not yet established how many of the weapons were made in the United States. The discovery of the arsenals comes in the midst of a heated debate over public safety policy in Brazil. Gangs are facing an intensifying crackdown by the police. It also comes as the Trump administration is trying to loosen arms export regulations and give Congress less visibility and oversight over foreign arms sales — initiatives that Democrats on Capitol Hill are fighting.  [full article]

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