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INT’L – MILITARY/LE – Turkish Firm Develops Lightweight Anti-Drone Gun

Turkish firm Harp Arge unveiled its new lightweight, electromagnetic anti-drone gun designed to disrupt communication between drones and their control units.

The 2.5kg ES-60 gun inflicts high-speed electromagnetic interference to disrupt communications between drones and their control units and cause enemy devices to malfunction. It is capable of intercepting rogue drones within a 3km-range. The ES-60 incorporates antenna technology that helped reduce the size and weight of the weapon, local media reported on Sunday. Harp Arge, Turkey’s first electromagnetic anti-drone weapons manufacturer, was purchased by Istanbul-based Ekba Holding last week. According to Anadolu Agency, the acquisition of the firm happened after an unnamed Dutch firm tried to buy the firm to collaborate on undisclosed defense projects.  [view source]

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