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INT’L – MILITARY – They dive from the sky & gun down panicked enemy: Russian special forces day celebrated with action-packed VIDEO

Russia’s highly secretive Special Operations Forces, which get the most demanding and sensitive tasks and may go deep into enemy territory, are marking their professional day. Here is how the commandos look in action. The SpecOp branch of the Russian military fields highly trained fighters, who know how to infiltrate behind enemy lines and wreak havoc with sabotage, organizing guerilla forces and other forms of clandestine action. It was created over a decade ago as a distinct command, directly answering to the General Staff, but it only got a professional holiday in 2015. A video showcasing skills and equipment of the Russian commandos was published by the Defense Ministry on Thursday to mark the day. Little is known about SSO operations, but the forces have reportedly played a crucial role in turning the tide of battle in Syria, working in the field to identify high-value jihadist targets and directing airstrikes of the Russian Air Forces. One of the few commandos whose identity was made public is Aleksandr Prokhorenko, who got surrounded by the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists during the 2016 battle for Palmyra. Rather surrender to them, he called artillery fire on his location.   [full article]

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