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INT’L – NEW PRODUCT – Turkish firm develops gun apparatus eliminating recoil

Turkish firm Albayraklar Group developed an indigenous gun apparatus which eliminates recoil completely while doubling speed, range and effect of a bullet. The system, with a silencer feature, can also be used in guns mounted on military drones. “This product doubles the output speed, range and effect of standard NATO bullets and eliminates sound while preventing recoil for any kind of long or short barrel guns,” Adnan Albayrak, executive board chairman of Albayraklar Group, told Anadolu Agency. Albayrak underlined that the “real zero-recoil” system enables bullet core getting through the barrel softly and accelerate instead of popping out of the barrel. He underscored that the “extremely” small and light apparatus does not put much extra weigh on the gun, and added that it is suitable for all types of ammunition. “None of the systems available in the world, such as special silencers and suppressors, recoil compensators, muzzle brakes, flash hiders etc. — despite the use of bullets under sound velocity speed described as subsonic or the use of bullets with reduced gunpowder ratios — cannot prevent recoil,” he said. Bullets conforming to the NATO standards are used in the product, Albayrak stated.  [full article]

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