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Branching Out: European American Armory’s Girsan Pistols

So, ever heard of Girsan? Girsan Gun Industry was founded in 1993 in Giresun, Turkey. The company’s first pistol was the Yavuz 16, which is based on the Beretta 92. It passed Turkish military trials and won several contracts with law enforcement and military organizations in its home country. Since then, Girsan has continued to upgrade its production standards while expanding its lineup of affordably priced pistols inspired by popular designs. This manufacturer has a knack for adding its own touches and upgrades to these platforms while maintaining a high standard of quality and reliability. Girsan continued to expand its Beretta-inspired pistols with the release of the Compact MC and Regard MC in 2004. In 2010, the MC1911 series of semi-automatics was launched, which is based on the classic John-Browning-designed platform. The company’s first polymer-frame, striker-fired pistols arrived on the scene in 2014. Called the MC28SA, this series of semi-automatics sports many of the popular features favored on duty-size guns in this category. Girsan has teamed up with European American Armory Corp. (EAA) to introduce two new competition-grade M1911s and a series of striker-fired polymer guns that ship with red-dot optics. Plus, there is a full line of shotguns, but that’s not our focus here. First, we’ll take a closer look at the MC1911 Match Elite, chambered in .45 ACP. Then, for polymer pistol fans, Girsan offers an affordable package that includes an MC28SA shipped with an Ade Advanced Optics compact optic installed at the factory.  [full article]

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