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Solware: The UK’s Best Selection of Air Rifles for Sale

Solware has been one of the UK’s leading air weapon suppliers for many years, providing shooters all over the UK with air weapons which suit their shooting needs and requirements impeccably. Recently the company has extended their collections tenfold to include some of the world’s best air rifles, now offering the industry’s greatest ever selection of air rifles. Solware offer a fantastic, comprehensive range of pellet air rifles for sale, with rifles from all of the world’s leading manufacturers including but not limited to Croasman Rifles, Walther Rifles, Air Arms Rifles, Steyr Rifles, Daystate Rifles, BSA Rifles and Brocock Rifles. They offer air rifles perfect for all manner of air rifle shooting with options including .77, .20, .22 and .25 air rifles. The company also offer a wide range of accessories to go alongside the rifles which they offer, such as shooting clothing, rifle bags and gun dog training essentials.  [full article]

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