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INT’L – RETAILERS – Gun owners evolving

There’s more to owning a gun than being able to point at a target and pull the trigger. A gun is a tool, Dirk Barnes explained, just like a hammer or a power drill, and if it is used incorrectly or irresponsibly, it can cause unnecessary and fatal damage. That’s why when people come into his store, 868 Tactical in Valsayn, he makes sure that potential gun owners understand that if they want to buy a gun, they need to prove they know how to use it. Barnes is the owner of 868 Tactical, a firearms and firearm accessories retailer in South Valsayn. A retired major in the TT Defence Force whose responsibility included overseeing the army’s armoury, Barnes opened 868 Tactical in September. It’s a natural offshoot of his security and asset recovery firm, Air Support Tactical. He is one of the newer players in the gun dealership trade as more people are investing in weapons to protect themselves and their property. “In private security we found ourselves on the back side of the weapons systems (including what law enforcement was using). I recognised then that we needed to upgrade our systems so I wrote (the then acting police commissioner) Stephen Williams to apply to be a dealer myself because I realised a lot of the dealers here weren’t familiar with the system I was looking for.” Acquiring a firearm dealership is not easy. The entire process for Barnes took about three years – from 2017 to May 2020. “There are a lot of checks and balances, obviously. They want to make sure the people given this privilege are not just the typical law-abiding citizen but someone who understands and would not be corrupted going forward, that they may not start filtering firearms to the underworld.”  [full article]

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