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Is it Even Legal to Hunt With A Crossbow?

Bob Rogers

Weekend, September 22-23, 2018 – The answer, measurably, is “yes.” The caveats are in the how, when, and mostly, the where. But before we get to that, it’s important to note that before special seasons for bowhunters were granted, rifle hunters were – literally – up In arms and one could hear the screams to high heaven (if one were lucky enough to have gotten that far, of course). But a funny thing happened on the way to the forest; gun hunters then realized that they could extend their hunting seasons by taking up the bow and accepting (easily) the concept of an extended hunting season. In our part of Wyoming, for example, “traditional” rifle hunting season in the Big Horns begin October 15 with an archery season set for a month earlier. Eventually, even that date was extended to September 1; and now archery hunters have a full month to fill a tag and, if they don’t, they can switch to rifles two weeks later. Not all hunt areas in the state have the same dates so it’s up to hunters to keep a copy of hunting regulations at hand.

But just as fly fishers have learned to co-exist with spincasters, Trad (traditional, including recurve) bowhunters learned to give quarter to compound bow hunters.  Eventually, we all came to accept each other’s hunting methods – “we” meaning “mostly” – and in more recent times, even crossbows became acceptable tools for hunting. So, “yes,” it is legal to hunt with a crossbow but some states or areas of states may have limits.  If you’ve been thinking about taking up the crossbow, to make your life easier you can go here to learn all the angles of hunting with crossbows in your state.

Whether or not you’re new to crossbows, we might be able to get you all excited by simply sending you to this presentation of…

New Law for Crossbow Hunters, 1:45 min.

Illinois previously only let hunters 62-year-old and up or hunters with disabilities to use crossbows during archery season. But hunters in the community say it’s good younger hunters will have access to this option too. Stewart Archery has seen an increase of crossbow sales at the store since the law was last changed in 2017. Even Charleston Mayor Brandon Combs was trying out his crossbow.

Deer Hunting With A Stryker Strykezone 350 Crossbow, 2:28 min.

NJ bow season, deer donated to Hunters Helping The Hungry.

Deer Killed with Ten Point Crossbow By Clark Wendlandt, 2:35 min.

Clark kills a nice deer with his ten point crossbow

Monster blonde phase black bear shot in northern Saskatchewan. 5:50 min.

Young PA hunter takes a 7 foot blonde phase black bear with his crossbow in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. This is his first black bear! The bear squared over 7 feet!

Big Ohio Buck Crossbow Hunt | Lights Out, 4:36 min.

Keith Warren is in central Ohio on this video hunting for a management buck. The buck comes out at the last possible second for camera light.

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