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Is the Sanctuary Virus Spreading?

Like a Chinese epidemic, America’s sanctuary virus is reaching coast to coast.  Planning a trip somewhere?  Don’t forget your facemasks. Just this morning there was this viral warning: South Carolina: Anderson County considering becoming 2nd Amendment Sanctuary; Oklahoma: Stephens County now officially a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary County” for gun owners; North Carolina: County resolution embraces Second Amendment support;  Michigan: Second Amendment sanctuary resolution heads to full county board; New Jersey: Little Egg Harbor Affirms Second Amendment Rights. And those were received just five minutes ago.

There’s a question about sanctuary cities or counties floating around in search of a qualified answer, something akin to The Emperor Has No Clothes. There are opinions – many from state Attorneys General – that want the “sanctuary” anything tossed. Virginia AG Mark Herring, for instance, says that “sanctuary resolutions have no effect.” In other words, unless they’re codified, such as by a state legislature, sanctuary cities and/or counties have no legal standing. He might have a point.

The “sanctuary movement” all began in California when a thrice-deported illegal immigrant from Mexico had the misfortune of “finding” a federal officer’s lost semi-auto duty pistol (which the officer stupidly left in his unoccupied and parked car), wrapping it in a cloth and, while sitting on a bench in a San Francisco pier watching citizens walk by, allegedly dropped the gun which went off killing a young woman, Kate Steinle, who was enjoying the evening walk with her father. Several days to weeks later, the Mexican immigrant who had become somewhat of a regular deportee was the subject of a public uproar to be incarcerated if not totally banned from entering the U.S. after one final deportment. San Francisco’s liberals went bonkers at that suggestion – which mostly, we assume, came from the two or three conservatives who had yet to leave the Golden State for Nevada or Texas – and in due course lobbied the Democratic state legislature to pass a law declaring California a sanctuary state. The law stuck.

Thus, then, becomes the how-to that has city, county and state gun owners turning to sanctuary status as a way to underscore, if not supercede the Second Amendment.  In other words, if libs don’t want to recognize the 2A, they’ll have little choice but to recognize all those states, cities, counties and stops-in-the-road as sanctuaries for gun owners. Since the world has seemingly run out of flu masks, the only protection from anti-gun liberals may be masks with an AR-15 pictured and the word “sanctuary” emblazoned on them.

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