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It’s mid-Summer and the Trap and Skeeters are Upon Us

Warming up for dove season

As usual most out-of-practice bird hunters find this time of year confusing. It’s mid-summer and the only things around that bite you are mosquitoes. That’s unfortunate, of course, because one look at the calendar will reveal that you only have three weeks before the dove season opens.

Unless, that is, you’ve been driving past your local gun range and what you mostly see are not guys sighting in their rifles in anticipation of big game hunting, but guys and gals hitting the trap and skeet ranges not just for the competition but to oil up those trigger digits for the September 1at dove season opener.

With most of the news focused on the Covid-19 virus and the presidential election, it’s easy to forget that there may be better things to think about.  On that note, we’d suggest you get in the mood at least for a warm-up practice primer via this edition of…

Shotgun Golf Round 3: Epic Destruction, 2:08 min.

Two-time Olympic gold medalist skeet shooter Vincent Hancock heads to the driving range for some target practice, but this isn’t your ordinary day at the range.

Dove Hunting Basics, 2:19 min.

Before you go, make sure you’ve put in the time, know the rules, and don’t mess up!
Basic information for hunters interested in harvesting doves.

Don’t Aim, Point The Shotgun: Tips For Better Shotgun Wing Shooting & Dove Hunting, 3:10 min.

You shouldn’t aim at incoming birds. Aiming is for rifles. You should point at ducks, geese, doves or clay targets. The difference between the two is where you’re looking.

Gun Speed and Target Lead | Shotgun Tips with Gil Ash, 3:38 min.

Shotgun instructor Gil Ash of OSP Shooting School explains the difference and the relationship between “gun speed” and “target lead.”

8 Common Dove Hunting Mistakes & How to Fix Them, 9:12 min.

Here are some ways to fix common mistakes that I have made, and that I see in beginning and intermediate dove hunters.

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