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Javelina Hunting VIDEOS

The Javelina, 3:37 min.

A glance at the life of these animals, images that let us see part of their routine, between Bats, Cougars and fights among themselves.

Hunting Javelina in Arizona, 1:41 min.

Sometimes even a small army of hunters won’t be enough!

Youth Season Javelina Hunting in Arizona, 2:28 min.

Pat Feldt of Arizona Guided Hunts takes out 12-year old Eli Fleming on his first javelina hunt. Eli shoots his javelina at nearly 200 yards with his youth model 243.

AZ OTC Mule Deer/Javelina Bowhunt, 2:35 min

Bowhunter shoots an awesome Muley and Javelina within 24 hrs!

Calling in Javelina, 3:53 min.

Want to call in a javelin? Maybe you should. Maybe you shouldn’t. You decide. Watch Rick Forrest use one of his custom made calls.

Javelina … or Tasmanian Devil?, 2:54 min.

In Texas, lions, coyotes, bobcats and other predators wreak havoc on game populations and domestic livestock. Trapping is an important tool to help control these varmints. But sometimes you catch non-target animals. What then? You’re about to find out!

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