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Korwin: Red Flag Laws Are Dangerously Flawed

Alan Korwin

July 9, 2018 The lamestream media told you: Six states have enacted these important laws, a new front in the fight against wild-eyed psychopathic mass murderers, and 22 other states are considering this fine new legislation.

Basically, a spouse, family member, law-enforcement officer, relative, recent co-habiter or certain others can make an official statement that they know you are a danger to yourself or others, and a court can issue a STOP order (Severe Threat Order of Protection). This empowers police to break into your home and confiscate your firearms. Filing the “red flag” complaint falsely is a crime, if it can be proven you filed falsely. Later, the flagged person can file to have the flag removed, paying for all the lawyer bills. “Your honor, my wife hates me. I have no plan to kill her. Give me back all my guns.” Children would have the same right, though it’s unclear how they would exercise it. (“Your honor, give me back my journal and Facebook password, I don’t really plan to mass murder my classmates.”) Why children have become mass murderers lately was unclear as we go to press, but it is certainly not because of anything we in the media did, that for sure.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

It sounds good at first blush — provide a way for instantly disarming people who are obviously immediately dangerous and about to commit mass murder. Of course, we have laws to do that. Give police more power to save us!

But how do you do that exactly? No one knows. The psychology community uniformly agrees it can’t be done, there is no way to predict future behavior. Besides, the psych community is omitted from the new laws. Rights are removed, firearms are forcibly confiscated before trials or hearings, without the flagee’s involvement. They come into the picture later.

Exclusive: ‘Sending People Home To Die,’ The Truth About Red Flag Laws

Gun-rights advocates are screaming about what amounts to small stuff. Sorry, someone has to say it. Constitutional violations, no due process, infringement of the Second Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, government overreach. Yes, that’s all true, and valid. But folks, it is small stuff in the big picture of the goal — keeping everyone safe.

The fact that these laws represent government out of control? We’ve known that for a long time. The public (useful idiots) are being led around by the nose, and they don’t know it? We know that too. The “news” media is complicit, a cheering squad for all the wrong things? You know that, you don’t need me to tell you that, again and again.

Here’s the real problem:

People too dangerous to bear their own arms are too dangerous to be walking around in public.

It’s the same mythical problem as the no-fly list government tried to convince us of back under that other guy. Someone, typically a suspected Muslim jihadi, or not, is so dangerous we can’t let them get on a plane, by putting them on a secret government list, maintained by police, in secret. A secret police list. Sound familiar? And if you’re on this secret police list, you no longer possess your Second Amendment rights. So you can’t fly to Cleveland. But you can drive there, or take a bus. Say what? Who would believe such a thing — besides journalists and the people they write for?

We have laws to disarm people and remove them from society of course, of course. Involuntary commitment. (Oh, but that’s an extreme measure!) Right. But this is an extreme situation we’re talking about here. Arrest! Absolutely, if it’s called for. A new law for summary arrest without probable cause, on someone’s say so? You’re talking about introducing official societal paranoia by force of law. Bad idea. Real bad idea. “I think he’s dangerous! Arrest this man!” Oh yeah, I think you’re dangerous! Where does that end?

Complaints about the draft laws have softened them some, but we are on a dangerous path here folks. Hoplophobia and law by mass murderer are having a cumulative effect.

For more information, visit the Uninvited Ombudsman at: http://pagenine.typepad.com/

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