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KS – GUN NEWS – ‘This guy could actually kill me.’ How Kansas law still lets domestic abusers have guns (VIDEO)

Amy Miller’s ex-husband made it clear he wanted her dead. After he physically attacked her six years ago he consistently harassed and threatened her. He attempted to run her off the road on the way to a co-parenting meeting. He told her that he had driven by the house while she and their children were sleeping and opened and closed the garage door. And he might still have guns. “This guy could actually kill me,” Miller, a 39-year-old Lenexa woman, said. “It was a really deer in the headlights, watching every road and every parking lot and keeping my eyes literally on every single space surrounding me. Maybe he could be following me, maybe stalking me.”

Although her situation has improved over time, Miller is still connected to him through their children. She hasn’t heard from him since their last court date earlier this year. But he attacked her after a “mental breakdown” and Miller said his stability swings in cycles. “I don’t fear him. But it’s one of those things at the back of your head you question … I fear when the spiral hits again,” she said.  [full article]

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