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KS – GUN SAFETY – Cherokee County youth learn gun safety and wildlife management

Young hunters in Cherokee County are getting education on gun safety. The Cherokee County K-State Extension Office is holding a hunter’s education course for children. This two day course is a chance for kids to learn safe ways to handle firearms, receive pertinent information about wildlife management, and overall gun safety. Participants learn about the parts of a firearm, positioning, stances, and decision making. The class is offered in conjunction with the 4H shooting sports program, but anyone 11-years and older can attend. Dale Helwig, Agriculture Agent, K-State Research And Extension, said, “We get to teach ethics, so some things may be legal but they may not be ethical. So we take this chance to talk about you know pros and cons of certain actions that we take while out there hunting and the perception that people have of hunting. Because only 10 percent of the population are actually hunters.” Helwig also says it is important to know in order to get your hunting license in the state of Kansas, you must take a hunter’s education course.  [full article]

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