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KY – GUN RIGHTS – You won’t need a permit for concealed carry soon. What that means for gun-loving Kentucky

Starting Thursday, anyone who can legally possess a gun in Kentucky can carry it around under a coat, in a purse or hidden in a hip holster — no permit required. Senate Bill 150, which was signed into law on March 11 and takes effect June 27, eliminates the six-hour gun-safety training course, background check and $60 application fee that Kentucky previously required.  It also removes an exclusion that prevented Kentuckians from getting a concealed-carry permit if they owed more than a year of child support or had misdemeanor alcohol or drug convictions within three years. Kentucky joins 14 other states that have passed similar laws eliminating the need for a permit to carry concealed. The change loosens yet another firearms restriction in a state already known for having some of the nation’s most liberal gun laws. [full article]

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