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KY – OPINION – Louisville’s Run On Guns, Ammo And… Inside The Mind Of A Coronavirus Gun Buyer

Keith Searcy was already planning on buying a gun. The 22-year-old New Albany resident has been shooting since he was a teenager and was saving to buy one this summer. Then, the novel coronavirus drove crowds to the grocery stores, and Searcy observed people acting, what he called, “irrational.” Irrational, like storming grocery stores for toilet paper (even though there’s nothing about coronavirus that requires more toilet paper than normal). “I decided to move my timeline up a bit, so if things do go sideways, I was ready,” he said. As coronavirus fears have increased and measures from the government to keep people inside and stop the spread have tightened, gun stores across Kentuckiana have been swamped with customers, stripping the stores of firearms and ammo. This week, Gov. Andy Beshear shut down all “nonessential” businesses, but apparently not gun shops — “nothing in this Order should be construed to interfere with the lawful sale of firearms and ammunition.”  Out of seven gun stores reached by LEO last week, two said they were too busy to even talk. One answered with a recorded message that said no one was available to talk due to a high volume of customers. Bill Wolf of Wolf Supply, LLC, had time to pick up the phone, but only after he had to close his businesses because he had sold out of all of his ammo and most of his firearms. “They’re telling me it’s weeks to months before we can start getting inventory back in,” he said. The same rush on guns has been observed in other states. A USA Today story reported long lines at gun stores and increased ammo purchases in Wisconsin, California, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Missouri. Why does Wolf think more people are buying guns? “‘Cuz they’re scared,” he said.  [full article]

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