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KY – SELF-PROTECTION – WATCH: Hotel clerk turns tables after stealing robber’s gun (VIDEO)

A quick-thinking clerk helped land an absent-minded criminal behind bars in Kentucky. Police say Cory T. Phillips, 26, walked into a Country Inn and Suites in Paducah around 10 p.m. Monday. Surveillance video shows him with his face covered and wearing a knit cap as he pointed a gun at the front desk clerk. As the woman begins to throw money onto the counter, Phillips scrambles to put it in a plastic bag. He put the gun on the counter, then became distracted by gathering the cash, leaving the firearm unattended. The clerk grabbed the gun and pointed it at Phillips, who scrambled for the door. He returned and tried to demand the clerk give him the gun back, but the woman again pointed it at him and told him to leave. Police said they arrested Phillips on Wednesday. The gun he left behind had been stolen from a home robbery in September.  [full article]

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