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LA – INDUSTRY INSIDER – Scalise helps make U.S. firearms industry more competitive

Last month the Trump administration, in a move that realized a long-term goal of House Minority Whip Steve Scalise of Jefferson Parish, published an updated federal rule to modernize and streamline export controls on commercial firearms and ammunition products. This rule change, which will transition export licensing responsibility from the State Department to the Commerce Department, will level the playing field for U.S.-based sporting firearms and ammunition businesses in the global marketplace. This long-awaited modernization of Cold War-era regulations was started under the Obama administration, but firearms and ammunition were left out of the larger regulatory reform. On total, 21 categories were proposed for export reforms, but three categories — all pertaining to sporting arms and ammunition — were left undone by the Obama administration for domestic gun control reasons. Congressman Scalise’s continued demands for this changed designation will ultimately benefit American manufacturers producing firearms and ammunition by eliminating the need for exports valued over $1 million to be verified by Congress, which often resulted in delays in license approvals for months, sometimes years. By entrusting the licensing process to the Commerce department under the new rule, American manufacturers looking to sell firearms to allied military and law enforcement, for example, will be on a level playing field with international competitors. The transition not only provides a boost to the U.S. economy, but also ensures that the U.S. national security remains a top priority. Instead of treating every hunting rifle and shotgun in the same manner as a nuclear missile, tank or fighter jet, the State Department can focus resources on the real priorities of national security by “building a higher fence around a smaller yard.”  [full article]

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