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LA – SELF-PROTECTION – Everyday Heroes: Concealed Coalition Presents The Concealed Carry Experience

Louisiana’s leading firearm training organization is taking the issue of national security and mass shootings into their own hands. Through top notch education, world class training, technology, and access to some of the best instructors in the industry, Concealed Coalition is preparing the public for defining moments of patriotism, heroism and valor. Having sold out classes at Bass Pro Shops consistently month after month, Concealed Coalition welcomes citizens who wish to obtain their concealed carry permit to attend The Concealed Carry Experience (C4E) by Concealed Coalition on Sunday, October 6, 2019 commencing at 8:00 AM, at the Baton Rouge Marriott with guest speaker and America’s leading firearm trainer, Austin Davis. Louisiana is a state that allows open carry with no training required. In order to obtain a concealed carry permit, one must attend a class from a Louisiana Certified Trainer for 7 hours in classroom training, accompanied by 2 hours of range training. Ironic as it may be, Concealed Coalition is committed to lead the charge in providing proper training and education for “everyday Americans”, and changing the stigma surrounding concealed firearms. “Owning a firearm for personal protection is your right, but education is your responsibility! Going to the range and shooting paper targets is great training for shooting paper targets, but does not prepare you for both the complex legal and practical issues involved before, during and after pulling that trigger. Concealed Coalition is dedicated to teaching legal gun owners the essential skills using modern adult learning theory, the state of the art virtual reality simulator and over 30 years of experience.” – Austin Davis (Professional Speaker, NRA Instructor, Texas License to carry instructor, Former Texas commissioned Peace Officer).  [full article]

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