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LA – SELF-PROTECTION – Hundreds Of Members Of Black Militia Raise Their Guns While Holding An Armed Rally In Louisiana Weeks After Police Fatally Shot An African American Man, 31, Who ‘Had A Knife While Entering A Convenience Store’

Some 400 members of an armed black militia brandished semi-automatic weapons in a show of force in Louisiana on Saturday as they protested a recent fatal shooting of a black man by local police. The NFAC, or ‘Not F****** Around Coalition,’ is an Atlanta-based militia made up primarily of former military veterans. The organization has frequently staged processions and marches in several cities that have been flashpoints of racial tension these past few months. The militia members were marching to protest the August 21 shooting death of Trayford Pellerin. Police claimed officers shot Pellerin after he was seen walking into a convenience store with a knife. It was particularly active this past summer in Louisville, where protests were frequently staged in the wake of the March 12 shooting by police of Breonna Taylor. Last month, a Louisville grand jury declined to pursue criminal charges against any of the officers for fatally shooting Taylor, a 26-year-old black EMT who was killed in her bed as cops executed a no-knock search warrant. Police, who believed Taylor’s home was used to facilitate the sale of drugs, did not find any narcotics during the raid. According to its leader, John ‘Grandmaster Jay’ Johnson, the NFAC’s three main missions is to protect the black community; self-police the black community; and educate the community about their rights as gun owners. The group marched through downtown Lafayette, Louisiana, on Saturday after obtaining a permit to do so, the Lafayette Daily Advertiser reported. It should also be noted that Louisiana is an open carry state, meaning that NFAC was not breaking any laws by brandishing their weapons.  [full article]

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