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LA – SHOOTING SPORTS – The rise of local youth shooting teams and the NRA

If KTBS told you that a particular youth sport has increased participation by over 135 percent in the last few years, would you be able to say what sport it is? You might be surprised. “Through the different competitions and stuff that we do, you get to meet so many new people that all the share the same thing that you do, we all share a love of shooting,” said Katheryn Buffington, Louisiana and National ambassador for 4-H shooting sports. And there’s a lot of new people for Buffington to meet. For example, according to the USA High School Clay Target League in 2015, 9,245 students in 317 schools across three states participated in the league. Since then, participation has spiked 137 percent. In 2018, 21,917 students from 804 teams in 20 states competed. “You get to spend the day with everybody that loves doing the same thing as you and you get to have fun with your friends and it’s pretty laid back,” said Savannah Hood, Bienville Parish 4-H’er. With more and more young people getting involved in shooting sports you need more supplies, more resources — that takes money. So where might you think that money is coming from? “The Friends of NRA have been very instrumental in getting our program off to a successful start. They offer an NRA grant program that we apply for every year, and the last several years we’ve gotten somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000 or $11,000 per year that we’ve received,” said David Buffington.  [full article]

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